Concordia Missouri Topsy's Diner

Diners are something many people think of when they think of rural America. Topsy's in Concordia is the quintessential small-town diner. The diner was opened in 1912 by E. H. "Topsy" and Emma Oetting who operated the business until 1953. According to Louise Oetting, the sister-in-law of Topsy, the cafe was a gathering place for many in the community because of the popular fountain with milkshakes and cream soda.

Since that time, Topsy's has had four new owners, usually only changing ownership when the previous owner decided to retire and passes the torch to a new generation. While still popular with locals, the diner gets plenty of business off Interstate 70 which has an exit at Concordia.

You can still get a lot of food for a reasonable price at Topsy's on Main Street in Concordia today but still has the same small-town feel. The old neon sign from 1951 was found in the attic by the cafe's newest owner, Jessica Marlin. The sign was restored and today makes it as easy as ever to find good food.



715 S Main St, Concordia, MO 64020 ~ Across the street from the empty lot