Historic Pertle Springs 1922 to 1931

Historic Pertle Springs 1922 to 1931

In 1921 Pertle Springs suffered severe storm damage and a dam, which was constructed near the Stewart Cottage, partially washed away and eroded the bedding under the track for the dummy line and damaged the dummy line depot platform. It is unclear whether or not the storm damage factored into the decision to discontinue the use of the dummy line, but in March of 1922 Christopher made a decision to sell the dummy line and equipment.

In April of 1926 the Minnewawa Hotel burned and Pertle Springs's golden years continued to wind down. The following year, a visitor to the springs observed: "Buildings are falling into decay, the paint has worn off and washed down hillsides, roofs are giving away to the gnawing tooth of time, railings around the springs and lakes are reeling and crumbling, the moss and trash in the main spring cover it over with a coat of green. The score or more of boats, canoes and other craft that used to ply the deep blue lake waters lie in wreckage along the shores--silent reminders of the thousands of people that used to flock there for recreation."

A lodge was later built on the site of the Minnewawa hotel site and it served as the gathering spot for resort, but the days of large crowds in the resort were over. In January of 1931 James H. Christopher died at the age of eighty-three while vacationing in New Smyrna, Florida, with his wife. Christopher's death brought an end to the Pertle Springs resort.