Lamar Missouri Tour

Harry S. Truman Birthplace State Historic Site

This one and a half story house was the site of Harry S. Truman’s birth. As 33rd president of the United States, this home shows his humble beginnings. Although he did not grow up in this house, Harry Truman’s experienced his first moments on earth in Lamar.

The house was built around 1881, with the Trumans moving in a year later. Within its 560 square feet contains six rooms, a brick fireplace, and a smoke house and well in the backyard. Although small, this house had a quaint design that was perfect for a young family. And only two years after purchasing the house, Harry Truman was born in one of the basement bedrooms.

Only 11 months after their future-president son was born, the Truman family packed up and headed north. They moved between Grandview, Harrisonville, and Belton throughout the next six years. Finally, in 1890, the Trumans planted more permanent roots in Independence.

Even though the Truman family only occupied this house for four years, the place stands as a reminder of how people with the seemingly lowliest starts to life can rise to achieve great things. The house was donated to the state of Missouri in 1957, who planned to turn it into a memorial. Two years later, in 1959, all restorative work was completed and the home officially became a state historic site. Harry Truman spoke at the dedication on April 19, 1959.



1009 Truman St, Lamar, MO 64759