Harry Truman Returns to Jackson County Missouri as President University of Kansas City

Day two of the visit--June 28, 1945.

The president attends a 50th anniversary celebration of the University of Kansas City school of law at 11:00 a.m.

After Truman finished greeting all of his customers at the Federal Building on Grand, including the delegation of African American leaders from Kansas City, he made his way to the quadrangle on the campus of Kansas City University to attend an outside meeting that celebrated the 50th anniversary of the University of Kansas City School of Law.

Harry Truman had briefly attended the law school when he was a county judge in the 1920s, but he never completed his degree.

Judge Albert A. Ridge, who the president had just recently appointed to the federal district court bench, introduced the President, who delivered a short response.

The president of the university, Clarence R. Decker, and mayor Gage of Kansas City, who graduated from the school of law in 1909 delivered informal remarks as did Edward D. Ellison, the dean of the law school.



52nd Street and Holmes Kansas City Missouri ~ Public quadrangle.