Knob Noster State Park Camp Activities

Camp Shawnee and Camp Bobwhite recreational and outdoor activities

One of the primary objectives of the creation of the Monteserrat Recreational Demonstration area that later became Knob Noster State Park in 1946 was to get individuals to engage with recreation and the outdoors.

The campers who stayed at either Camp Shawnee or Camp Bobwhite were constantly on the move. Whether campers were gathering around the flagpole to either raise the colors at the beginning of the day or strike them at the end of each day, campers were busy.

Camp Shawnee and Camp Bobwhite had recreational halls where campers engaged in all types of recreation during their stay.

Both Camp Shawnee and Camp Bobwhite had pools. The Camp Shawnee pool closed in 2015, but today campers can use the Modern pool at Camp Bobwhite, which was constructed in the 1980s.

Campers participated in Arts and Crafts work at Camp Bobwhite as part of their day and could attend events at the amphitheater also located in Camp Bobwhite.