Knob Noster State Park WPA Bridge on Entrance Road

WPA Bridge

The National Park Service placed the Montserrat Recreation Demonstration Bridge, or Knob Noster State Park Bridge on Entrance Road, in the National Register of Historic Places in 1985.

The Works Progress Administration and the National Park Service initially oversaw the construction of the bridge in 1937. The 1985 National Register nomination described the bridge as "a two barrel concrete culvert with stone veneer on exposed faces and a stone head wall." Two flat arches, and ahhlar wall surface, and square culvert openings make up the main structure of the bridge.

For many years, the WPA Bridge has been in active use by both vehicle drivers and creek walkers alike. Natural wear and tear occurred on the structure over time and has been the reason for repairs. In the spring of 2016 a significant amount of time and money was dedicated to rehabilitating the bridge. The rehabilitation has been paramount in protecting and preserving this piece of history for not only our current use as a bridge but also for the continuation of the WPA style structures in our Missouri State Park system today.