Blind Boone in Warrensburg

African American men and women in Warrensburg Remember Blind Boone

Blind Boone dies in Warrensburg, Missouri, on October 4, 1927

Blind Boone passed away in Warrensburg, Missouri, on October 4, 1927, while visting his step brother at 408 W. Market Street. (The actual home is no longer extant.)

African American men and women from Warrensburg attended Blind Boone's funeral in Columbia and before they left for the funeral they gathered in a meeting on Thursday October 6 , 1927, and passed a resolution in remembrance of Blind Boone and sent it to his family.

The resolution read:

In a way, explaining after the manner of men, he was a prince and this great gathering was offered to his royalty. Nay, my friend: it is not an offering to a king, but our tribute to a hero of our race whose remains shall rest only a few miles from where he was born of an [sic] humble motheron the battle line sixty-four years ago, in a lonely tent in this state, the home of his birth, and now all that he asks of you is a peaceful grave in the bosom of the land that gave him birth.

We need not try to speak to you of his wonderful achievements in life's work as a musician; history will take care of that and your children's children shall read of his great work, when we have gone from this earth. Brother Boone, who now lies upon the folding couch of death has fought his way through life, step by step; having reached the pinnacle of fame, wrote his name not in clay but on the hearts of men and women. Here is all that is left of him, the great bright and brilliant man, his soul that loved; the mind that taught and impressed itself upon the world must come back if thoughts live; shall that precious thought cease? In reason he speaks, and in example he lives, his thoughts and mighty deeds still flourish in structure.

Whereas we, the citizens of Warrensburg, Mo., and Johnson County feel keenly the loss of one of our eminent citizens, John W. Boone, who departed this life October 4, 1927.

Therefore, be it resolved that we express our profound regret and deepest sympathy to the family in their hour of sadness.

Respectfully yours,

Rev. T. B. Gardner
Rev. E. M. Madden
Rev. A. W. Talbert
Mrs. S. E. Hayden
Mrs. Bell Johnson
Mrs. R. M. William
Mrs. J. S. Gardner
Mrs. J. J. Johnson
Rev. W. G. Watts, Secretary
E. F. Hayden, President



408 W. Market Street, Warrensburg, Missouri 64093 ~ Building no longer extant; no public access