Historic Pertle Springs Warrensburg Missouri People and Organizations who visited

Most people who came to Pertle Springs did so to attend business, religious, political, Chautauqua assemblies, or theatrical performances.

The Missouri Pharmaceutical Association held its annual meetings at Pertle. The Epworth League Conference, which was a Methodist youth organization held camp meetings at the springs. In 1895 the Missouri Silver Democratic Convention was held on the grounds of the resort. According to Dr. Jeff Yelton, the first Chautauqua assembly in Missouri was held at the resort.

In 1895 a new form of entertainment arrived at Pertle in the form of the Pertle Springs Stock Company. Located at the auditorium, the company staged and produced a number of theatrical productions for the entertainment of guests and the Warrensburg community during the summer season.

In July of 1895 the company put on three weekly performances and the cost of the first performance was 25 cents, which included a round trip fare on the Dummy Line that operated to and from the Holden street depot and the resort.

The original cast of actors in the new company were classically trained and most of them had left other repertory companies in order to begin rehearsals at Pertle Springs. A number of the actors were originally hired from the "Our Dorothy Co,." a repertoire from Marshall, Texas, that had gaind significant popularity in the years after the Civil War.

Theatrical productions continued at the Pertle Springs Theatre until the early 1900s, when publication of advertisements for the Pertle Springs Stock co. ceased around 1905.