Knob Noster State Park Camp Bobwhite Dining Hall

Knob Noster State Park Camp Bobwhite Dining Hall

The dining hall at Camp Bobwhite resembles one of the many rustic buildings that the Works Progress Administration (WPA) built as part of the Montserrat Recreation Demonstration Area during the 1930s, which was later given to the Missouri State Parks to establish Knob Noster State Park in 1946.

The current dining hall that is present today is not the one originally built by the WPA in the 1930s, but it is the third dining hall that has been constructed on the site. The first two dining halls were destroyed by fire after suffering catastrophic lightning strikes.

Thousands of campers have passed through the dining hall to gather for meals, family reunions, weddings, educational events, and other special occasions. Camp Bobwhite and the dining hall continue to be a popular destination for larger groups seeking a place to recreate.